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Farewell, Martin Pöschl. Your words and works live on.

Farewell, Nicolas Chalumeau. Your words and works live on.

The Jakarta Project operates on a meritocracy: the more you do, themore responsibility you will obtain. This page lists all of the peoplewho have gone the extra mile and are Committers or members of theProject Management Committee. If you would like to get involved, thefirst step is to join the mailinglists.

We ask that you please do not send us emails privately asking for support. Weare non-paid volunteers who help out with the project and we do notnecessarily have the time or energy to help people on an individualbasis. Instead, we have setup mailinglists which often contain hundreds of individuals who will help answerdetailed requests for help. The benefit of using mailing lists over privatecommunication is that it is a shared resource where others can also learn fromcommon mistakes and as a community we all grow together.

The following are short bios regarding a few of the Jakarta Committers who took the time to post them here.If you are a Jakarta Committer, please consider posting your bio to the General mailing list, with a note to add it to this page.(Or if you have the karma, post it yourself =:0)

A complete list of all the Apache Committers is also available.(It's a long list, so please be patient.)

Ryan Ackley (sackley at

Rahul Akolkar (rahul at

Danny Angus (danny at
Danny is also a PMC member for the Apache James project, he hopes that his membership of the Jakarta PMC will help to maintain close links between the two projects. More...

Jean-Francois Arcand (jfarcand at

Bill Barker (billbarker at

Nicola Ken Barozzi (nicolaken at
Nicola Ken Barozzi is an emeritus committer for Jakarta POI, which he helped in entering Jakarta,and a committer for Apache Cocoon and Apache Forreston Xml-Apache. The work with these projects have made him found theKrysalis Community Project, with the aimof incubating his own and other projects till/if a community creates round them.He started the Krysalis Centipedebuild system to make building projects a simple thing, since it had becomea too common activity to be a pleasure.
FAQ: You can call him Nicola, Ken, or Nicola Ken, as you wish.

Sebastian Bazley (sebb AT AO)

Michael Becke

Martin van den Bemt (mvdb at

Martin is currently serving as the Chairman of this PMC.

Noel J. Bergman (noel at

Stefan Bodewig (stefan.bodewig at

Jeffrey D. Brekke (brekke at

Don Brown (mrdon at

Ingo Brunberg (ib at

Peter Carlson

Nicolas Chalumeau (nchalumeau at
Nicolas has been an active contributor to the Jakarta Cactus and ApacheMaven projects. He was a Cactus committer, helping out in his free time. Nicolaswas always kind and generous, always there to help answer newcomer questions.

Jean-Frederic Clere (jfclere at
Jean-Frederic works for Fujitsu-Siemens, where on one hand he supports oldclosed code and on the other helps to package OpenSource products on differentplatforms.

Steve Cohen

Stephen Colebourne (scolebourne at
Stephen works for SITA, where he architects internet travel booking engines.Having started with BBC BASIC, the transition through COBOL and C wasfotunately very short before reaching the joy that is Java. He now hides inJakarta-Commons supporting various components.

Martin Cooper (martinc at

Morgan Delagrange (morgand at
Morgan is an active member of Jakarta Commons, where he works on several projectsincluding HttpClient, Collections and Latka. He is also amember of Jakarta Taglibs, where he has contributedseveral JSP tag libraries. Morgan has a strong interest in J2EE technologies,functional testing and XML syndication.

Jeff Dever (jsdever at
Jeff is currently the release manager for theHttpClient 2.0 release.He is a contractor for the firm Procom who is currentlypart of a managed service agreement to NortelNetworksand finishing his Computer Science degree at Carleton University. Life is good here in Ottawa, Canada, with hundreds of kilometers of biking trails and skating on the beautifulRideau Canal(for a few weeks a year anyway).

Mark Diggory

Robert Burrell Donkin
CODE SIGNING KEY: EA61 41E8 E49E 560C 224B 2F74 D533 4E75 B131 3DE2

Rony Flatscher

Daniel Florey

Santiago Gala (sgala at or sgala at
Santiago owns High Sierra Technology.Works in a problem stated by his daughter Julia: "Dad, you give the programs for free, how do you make the money?"Free Software user after finding emacs in a tape, back in 91, recently discovered the pleasure to make it happen :-). Code contributor to Jetspeed, and noise contributor elsewhere.

dIon Gillard (dion at

Ortwin Glück (oglueck at
Ortwin is a Software Engineer who makes large J2EE applications for a logistics company. He has been a member of the HttpClient team since 2002 and enjoys life downtown Zurich Switzerland.

Ceki Gülcü (ceki at
Ceki is the founder of the log4j project and the author of "The complete log4j manual". Time permitting, he also does custom development for clients. See for more info.

Henri Gomez (hgomez at
Henri is a Software Engineer and Team Leader and make us of Java and XMLtechnologies for financials markets. He likes reproductible processes and so isthe RPM packager of jakarta and xml projects. He also provides the FrenchTranslation of Tomcat, works on apache/tomcat connectors and SSL documentation.

Otis Gospodnetic (otis at
Otis has been an active member of the Lucene team since2001.

David Graham (dgraham at
David is primarily involved in Struts and various Commons projects suchas: Validator, Resources, and DbUtils.

Gary D. Gregory (ggregory at
Gary has been a software developer for over 15 years and contributes tothe Jakarta Commonsand works for SeagullSoftware.Gary has been working with object-oriented technologies for the past 13years starting as a Smalltalk developer at ParcPlace-Digitalk, and withJava since it was first released as well as various XML technologies. Heis a Taurus.

Vadim Gritsenko (vgritsenko at

Erik Hatcher

Oliver Heger (oheger at
Oliver is mainly involved in the JakartaCommons project.

James Holmes (jholmes at

Diane Holt

Martin Holz

Unico Hommes (unico at

Justyna Horwat (horwat at

Ted Husted (husted at
Ted is an independent developer building Web applications withseveral Jakarta technologies, including Struts, Lucene, Velocity,and Tomcat.

Larry Isaacs (Larry.Isaacs at
Larry is a developer at SAS Institute in the Business IntelligencePlatform division, where he works on the Java IDE portion of theAppDev Studio product. His responsibilities include integrating theTomcat web server into the Java IDE for the testing and debugging ofJSP's and servlets.

Oleg Kalnichevski

David Karr (dmkarr at

John Keyes

Simon Kitching (skitching at
Simon is an independent software architect and developer, mostly building server-sidesystems on Unix/Linux in the Telecoms and e-commerce sectors. Simon works on severalJakarta Commons projects, particularly Digester, Logging and BeanUtils. He is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Serge Knystautas (serge at

Harish Krishnaswamy (harishkswamy at
Harish is a professional software developer and a Jakarta Tapestry committer. He has also been identified as an initial committer to the HiveMind project.

Robert Leland (rleland at

Felipe Leme (felipeal at
Felipe works as a Systems Architect and Java Instructor in Campinas/Brazil. He is also an individual JCP member - where he is an expert in some JSRs (like Java EE 5 and JSP 2.1) and writer/blogger at At Jakarta, he is a committer for the Taglibs and Cactus projects and a contributor to many others (like Commons Jelly); he is also a committer for the Maven Plugins project.

Christopher Lenz (cmlenz at

Peter Lin

Stefan Lützkendorf (luetzkendorf at

John McNally

Conor MacNeill (conor at
Conor is a senior developer at Cortex eBusiness, where he developsJ2EE based systems. In his spare time he helps with the development ofthe Ant build tool.

Geir Magnusson Jr. (geirm at
Geir works on Velocity. In his spare time, he is an independentconsultant focused on server infrastructure, real-time data delivery,and general Java software development.

Thomas Mahler

Costin Manolache

James Mason (masonjm at

Vincent Massol (vmassol at
Vincent lives and works in Paris, where he is the technical director of Pivolis, a company which specializes in collaborative offshore software development using Agile methodologies. Vincent is the author of JUnit in Action and "Maven: A Developer's Notebook". At Apache Vincent is an active participant on Jakarta Cactusand Apache Maven. He has also contributed to Jakarta Commons, Apache Gump and Apache Struts in the past.In addition Vincent also leads the Cargo project at Codehausand has participated to several other open source projects (Mock Objects, XWiki, etc).Vincent can be contacted through his blog.

Remy Maucherat (remm at
Remy discovered Java after a short trip in MFC hell, and has been addicted eversince. Among many contributions to a variety of open-sourceprojects, he's the founder of the Slide project, a major contributor to Tomcat4.x and the upcoming 5.0, and one of the founders of the Commons project.Remy is a consultant for the JBoss Group and lives in Toulouse, France.

Craig McClanahan (Craig.McClanahan at
Craig was involved in the Apache JServ project, focused on implementinga next generation architecture and feature set for the core servletengine. He has recently joined Sun as technical lead for the servletand JSP reference implementation.

James Mitchell (jmitchell at

Peter Nevermann (pnever at

Glenn Nielsen (glenn at
Glenn is the Unix Programming Coordinator for the Missouri Researchand Education Network (MOREnet),part of the University of Missouri System. Major contributionsinclude implementation of the Java SecurityManager in Tomcat and fiveJSP tag libraries. He is a member of the specification group todevelop a standard tag library for JSP pages.

Tim O'Brien (tobrien at

Mark C. Orciuch (morciuch at
Mark Orciuch is a committer on the Apache Portals project. Mark is the principalof Next Generation Solutions, Ltd., a small consulting company based in Chicago and specializing in providing solutions that leverage various open source projects.

Rob Oxspring

Niall Pemberton (niallp at
Niall is involved with Jakarta on the Commons Validator and Commons BeanUtilscomponents and is also a pmc member of the Apache Struts project.

Dmitri Plotnikov

Martin Pöschl
Martin was involved with Jakarta and Turbine since the early days.Martin was most recently the lead developer on's Torque project. Martin was also heavily involved in the OJB and Turbine projects, and (to a lesser degree) the Jakarta Commons and XML-RPC projects.

Eric Pugh (epugh at
Eric Pugh is an independent consultant focusing on projects that leverageopen source software. He is currently spending a year in Spain and enjoyingall the open source activity in Europe!

Steve Raeburn (sraeburn at

Daniel Rall (dlr at
Daniel is a software engineer at CollabNet, where he worksprimarily on SourceCast,including integration of variousTigris projects suchEyebrowse andScarab. He is an activedeveloper of Turbine andits sub-projects, a committer onVelocity and variousCommons sandboxpackages, and a contributor to other open source projects.

Peter Royal (proyal at

Sam Ruby (rubys at
Sam takes a perverse pleasure in integrating disparate things. He isa member of the PHP group, ApacheXML PMC, Apachesponsor for the xml-soap subprojectand convener of ECMA TC39 TG3.

Scott Sanders (sanders at
Scott is a avid software developer of 10 years currently focusing onserver-side Java and managing development as it pertains to ExtremeProgramming. In jakarta-land, he works on Alexandria with the AntGumpproposal, and is also working on CJAN in jakarta-commons-sandbox.

Daniel Savarese (dfs at
Daniel Savarese is the founderof Savarese Software Researchand co-author of How to Build a Beowulf. He practices computerscience by day and occasionally masquerades as sound engineer for Sleep and TheTraveller by night.

Henning P. Schmiedehausen (henning at
Henning is toying with computers since the early days of computing whenhe dabbled with 8085 and Z80 processors. After a winding road fromAmiga to Linux, he is now a devoted Java developer (but can't deny his*ix based roots). He is an active developer of the Turbine web applicationframework and does the odd patch for other things like commons-lang,commons-configuration or torque. Henning is working as a self-employedsoftware developer and designer.

Avik Sengupta (avik at
Avik is a committer on the Jakarta POI project. He is currently the CTOat Itellix Software Solutions.

Yoav Shapira (yoavs at
Yoav Shapira is an independent consultant who contributesto numerous Apache and other open-source projects. You can readmore about him at

Paul Smith (psmith at

Davanum Srinivas (dims at

Glen Stampoultzis (glens at
Glen is a developer of nearly 10 years. In jakarta he is a committer and release manager for the Poi project. In addition to small patches to various projects he is also the founder of the Impus project. In his professional life he is a contractor who has worked for a variety of large and small companies. Glen is based in Australia (Victoria). (GMT+10).

Phil Steitz (psteitz at

Michael Stover (mstover1 at
Mike is a committer and release manager for the Jakarta JMeter project, a stress-test and functional test application for client/server applications, particularly for web apps.

James Strachan (jstrachan at
James works for SpiritSoft, aJava and JMS based middleware and integrations company.He has a blog and is an active participant on JakartaCommons ,Jelly,Maven,Database andTaglibs projects.In addition he works on projects likedom4j,SAXPath,Jaxen andAxion,He's been developing distributed and web systems in Java for over 6 years andprogramming in general for over 20 years now; my how the time has flown.

Leo Sutic (leosutic at

Adrian Sutton

Petar Tahchiev

David Sean Taylor (taylor at
David is an active developer on the Jakarta Jetspeed and Plutoprojects. As a member of the Java Portlet Expert Group, he is active indefining enterprise portal standards.

James Taylor

Mark Thomas

Mladen Turk (mturk at
Mladen Turk as being Borg from Delta Quadrant has a singular goal, namelythe consumption of technology, rather than wealth or political expansion asmost species seek.He held a degree in Physics and Computer Science from Zagreb University,Croatia, before he was assimilated back in 80's. After that his primary goalis to make aartificial life being and brake the Turing test. In the meantime he was aundercover high-school teacher for years, even Bill Gates give him a MCSEcertification.Right now his primary objective is to replicate himself with his beautifulwife Adela, and generally shake the things around ASF as much aspossible.

James Turner

Dirk Verbeeck (dirkv at
Dirk Verbeeck is a Java Architect living in Belgium, Europe.He was an active developer in the Jakarta Slide but currently he can be found at Jakarta Commons. Content/knowledge management and system integration during the day and in his spare time he helps with the development of DBCP and pool.

Rodney Waldhoff (rwaldhoff at
Rodney directs the Systems Architecture team at primarily works with network, Java and XML technologies,agile software development methodologies, and his bicycle.

Mark Womack (mwomack at

Henri Yandell (bayard at
Henri is chiefly involved with the Jakarta Taglibs and Jakarta Commons projects. He originally sunk into open-sourced Java to scratch an itch, and hasn't seen an exit sign yet.

Oliver Zeigermann (ozeigermann at
Oliver Zeigermannworks on the Jakarta Slide and Commons project.

Jason van Zyl (jvanzyl at
Jason is the founder of theVelocity project.He is an active developer of the Turbine web application framework, and is currently workingon Tambora: An Open Source,Turbine based B2B application for the printing and publishing industry.

Nick Burch (nick at
Nick works on the Jakarta POI project.

Brian Behlendorf (brian at
Brian is a co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation. He is CTO andco-founder of CollabNet.

Andy Armstrong (andy at
Andy is a director of Tagish Ltd who tries not to let the day to day running of the business get in the way of his loves of programming and mountain biking. He developed and maintains the Domino connector.

Shawn Bayern (bayern at
Shawn Bayern is a law student at the University of California, Berkeley. He was the reference-implementation lead for the JSP Standard Tag Library (version 1.0) and the author of two Java books from Manning Publications.

Hans Bergsten (hans at
Hans is a member of the Servlet and JSP specification working groupsand writes articles and books about these technologies. He's also thefounder and president of Gefion software, a company that developsservlet and JSP based products and customer solutions.

Kevin Burton (burton at
Kevin is an Open Source developer who is involved in many projectsincluding Jakarta, Apache JetSpeed/Turbine, and jEdit. When he is nothacking on code he can be found sleeping.

Eric Carmichael (ecarmich at
Eric is a committer for Tomcat, focusing on the Jasper 2 JSP engine.

Steven Caswell (stevencaswell at
Steven is a Senior Systems Analyst at SolTech, Inc., a committer on the Jakarta Commons project, a SunCertified Java Programmer, and an outspoken proponent of open sourcesoftware. He lives in the Atlanta, Georgia, area with his beatiful wife, twolovely daughters, two basset hounds, one co*cker spaniel, and four obnoxiouscats. He spends his free time trying to keep the cats away from thecomputers.

Alexander Day Chaffee (alex at
Alex runs the Servlets,EJB and Threads FAQs at He's also developed lots ofopen source code, avaliable at his Purple Technology site. In a pastlife, he created and ran Gamelanfor EarthWeb.

Tom Copeland (tom at
Tom is a Java and Ruby developer; he's the site admin for RubyForge and he works on PMD and GForge. He and his wife and four kidslive in Annandale, Virginia, USA.

James Duncan Davidson (duncan at -
By day, Duncan works in the Open Source Program Office at SunMicrosystems where he helps various Open Source efforts within Sun"do the right thing". Previously at Sun he was responsiblefor the Servlet API Specifications 2.1 and 2.2 as well as the Java APIfor XML Parsing 1.0 and was the original author of Tomcat and Ant. Hewas one of the rabble-rousers within Sun that helped make the JakartaProject a reality and served as the first Chairman of the Jakarta PMC.

Peter Donald (peter at
Peter is an avid java developer who is active in theAvalon andAnt projects.In his spare time he developes a distributed virtual environment(ie military simulator or 3D game) using java technologies.

Scott Eade (seade at
Scott is a director of BackstageTechnologies Pty. Ltd. and a committer to the Jakarta Turbine webapplication framework and DBTorque persistence layer framework projects.

Danno Ferrin (shemnon at
Danno has been programming in Java since Summer 96. Danno wrote a JSPengine on his own and released it the very same day Jakarta wasannounced at JavaOne. Since then, he decided to join the Jakartaproject in a spirit of co-operation over competition.

Simeon H.K. Fitch (simeon.fitch at
Simeon is owner of Mustard Seed Software, which specializes in developingdistributed applications and user interfaces for the science, engineering,and research oriented clients. He is the lead architect and developer forAntidote, the GUI for Ant.

Pier Fumagallii (pier at
Pier got involved with the Apache JServ project in 1997, and since thennoone has been able to get rid of his awful smell (although many tried).He now spends most of his time debating with his cat about performance ofJava code on Mac OS/X, pondering about the future of the world and writingC code because segfaults are way more fun than NullPointerExceptions...

Matthew Hawthorne (matth at
Since graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2000,Matthew has embraced the programmer lifestyle: fame, fortune,and endless excess. After discovering Ant and Tomcat, he was intriguedby the Jakarta community and began looking for ways to contribute toJakarta Commons. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to learn fromdevelopers around the globe, and was honored to be voted in as acommitter. Aside from Java, his interests include Linux, webdevelopment, and enjoying life in southern California -- one millisecondat a time.

Jason Hunter (jasonhunter at
As Apache's representative to the JCP Executive Committee, Jason helpedestablish the agreement to allow open source licensed JSR implementations.He was an early member of Jakarta, working on Tomcat and Ant.Outside Apache, Jason authored "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly) and runs and He works as aconsultant.

Adam Jack (ajack at

Petr Jiricka (petr.jiricka at
Petr is an engineer with the development tools group at SunMicrosystems. He is responsible for the support of JSPs and servlets inForte for Java / NetBeans tools suite and their integration with Tomcat.

Tetsuya Kitahata (tetsuya at
Tetsuya Kitahata is a Japanese who mostly take care of the jakarta-site, ws-site and each sub-projects' sites. Also, he is the current issuer of The Apache Newsletter.He is CEO of Terra-International, Inc.and hosts translations of jakarta sites into japanese. Tetsuya is based in Japan (Hokkaido). (GMT+09)

Anders Kristensen (akristensen at
Anders takes a keen interest in log4j and all things Java, OO, andXML. He is currently specification lead for JSR 116, the SIP Servletexpert group.

Arnout J. Kuiper (ajkuiper at
Arnout J. Kuiper is a Java Architect with the Sun Java Center at SunMicrosystems. His main focus is web-related technologies on the Javaplatform (J2EE, XML, ...).

Sean Legassick (sean at
Sean Legassick is a freelance developer writing Java, C++, PHP and Pythondesktop and web applications. He has contributed to both the Turbine andTomcat projects and is an avid proponent of open source in his home nationof South Africa.

Geoff Longman (glongman at
Geoff is a founder and Vice President/Chief Architect at Intelligent Works Inc.

Berin Loritsch (bloritsch at
Berin is a senior developer at Information Planning & ManagementServices, Inc. (IPMS, Inc.).He is currently the Release Manager for theAvalon project. He isalso heavily involved in theCocoon 2 project. He hascontributed to the architecture, design, and documentation to both ofthose projects. He is also the architect of Avalon Excalibur's poolingcode.

Ramesh Mandava
(rmandava at
Ramesh.Mandava is a team member of the JSP and Servlet group at SunMicrosystems. He is presently responsible to make sure that Jakartais a high quality product.

Glenn McAllister (glenn at
Glenn McAllister is a software developer at SOMA Networks, was formerlythe same at IBM (plus tech writer plus build guy), and does some writingon the side for the VADD Technical Journal. He is a semi-activedeveloper on Ant.

Stefano Mazzocchi (stefano at
Stefano is addicted to software design, Java programming andopen development. In the last 4 years, he has contributed way too muchtime to Apache, expecially on JServ, JMeter, Avalon, JAMES, Ant, Cocoonand helping to bring more projects into Apache-land, such as FOP, Batik,POI and Xindice. The problem is that he's too picky to be satisfied :-)

Sandy McArthur (sandymac at
Sandy works at theUniversity of Florida as a programmer.He is a commiter for Commons focusing on the Pool project.

Dan Milstein (danmil at
Dan works as an independent consultant in the Boston area. This is hisfirst effort in the Open Source world. He's working on the Tomcatproject, and focusing on Tomcat - Web Server connectors.

Rajiv Mordani (mode at
Works on the XML parser reference implementation team at Sun and theJakarta Project.

Andrew C. Oliver (acoliver at
Andrew C. Oliver is the founder ofthe Jakarta POI project and acommitter to Jakarta Lucene.He's not the best techwriter in the world, butimproving Apache documentation is a major drive of his. His currentinterests (aside from POI) include XML, UML, Linux as well as project design.He's been working as a professional software developer for about six years and inJava since the beginning of 1998. He works primarily on a per projectbasis as a consultant. Pleasetake notice, he's always willing to help anyone get involved in Apache projectsso feel free to ask. (That doesn't mean he's here to teach you Java or debugyour commercial apps for you for free ;-). If you're interested in hiringAndy you can view his resume here.

Ignacio J. Ortega (nacho at
Ignacio "Nacho" Ortega, he is mainly responsible of any bug you can foundinside JDBCRealm, and the Spanish Translation of Tomcat 3.X and 4.0 (soon),and many bug fixes.

Harish Prabhandham (harishp at
Harish is an engineer with the J2EE team at Sun, primarily responsiblefor implementing security in the J2EE Reference Implementation(RI). He integrated various technologies including servlet/JSPimplementations from Tomcat into the J2EE RI. These days, he hacks PHPcode during the day.

Jean-Luc Rochat (jnix at

Amy Roh (amyroh at
Amy Roh is a committer for Tomcat. She works for the Servlet and JSP reference implementation team at Sun.

Marc Saegesser (marc.saegesser at
Marc has been a software developer for more than 11 years working onprojects ranging from environmental controls to business applications.He currently works on Web based call center applications for AproposTechnology. He is also an active private pilot.

Gal Shachor (shachor at
Gal Shachor is a research staff member at IBM. He wrote his firstServlet container (ServletExpress) at the beginning of 1997. Later onServletExpress (and Gal) merged into WebSphere, and Gal participatedin the development of WebSphere 1, 2 and 3.

Bojan Smojver (bojan at
Bojan Smojver is the founder ofRexursive. His background is inhardware, Windows NT/Unix administration and C/Java programming. These dayshe's primarily focused on Linux based software and hosting solutions.

Jon S. Stevens (jon at
Jon is a Co-Founder of Clear InkCorp and left to work on Scarab a next generation OpenSource Java Servlet based Issue/Bug tracking system for CollabNet. He was an active developerof the Apache JServ ServletEngine for the Apache Web Server and Co-Author of the Element Construction Set aswell as the web application framework, Turbine. You can read about Jon's life and views in his blog.

Bip Thelin (bip at
Bip Thelin has been a system developer at Razorfishfor the last 2.5 years. He is an active developer on the Tomcat projectwhere he have contributed to the JDBCSession Store, JDBCRealmand is also responsible for the SSI and Clustering package.

James Todd (jwtodd at
James has developed real time customer oriented apps for roughly 10years the last 5 of which have predominately been fully integrated,front and back, extraNet implementations which have been based onApache, Java and Tcl.

Magesh Umasankar (umagesh at
Magesh is a lead software developer atManugistics, wherehe is responsible for some of the Revenue Optimizationsolutions.

Anil Vijendran (akv at
Anil Vijendran is the principal developer of the JSP engine inTomcat. He's done some pretty scary things in his past life --implementing the CORBA IDL to C++ 2.0 mapping, skydiving, IDL to Javacompilers, Object Databases (SIGSEV, you da man!) for C++, Java ORBand EJB runtime environments -- in that order.

Keith Wannamaker (keith at
Keith Wannamaker is an independent software developer specializingin WebDAV and Apache.

Jochen Wiedmann (jochen at
Jochen Wiedmann is active in various Apache projects related to XML, web services and other server side Java technologies.

Rory Winston (rwinston at
Rory is a software developer specializing in the financial services industry.

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